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Noel Rodgers a characteristic craftsman by birth, acquired most of his skills from his late father Xavier Rodgers. His mother late Mrs. Hannah Rodgers was an educationists and a state award winner, contributed in assisting him for consolidating his gifts and creative thoughts in entirety. Noel Rodgers had enthusiasm towards caring for pets with his imaginative abilities.

He was a Tennis player at ten years of age. He kept a breathtaking nursery of plants and pets with his creative farming abilities and skills. His senior siblings Frank Rodgers, E. P. Rodgers and Raphael Rodgers were into sports. Badminton, Lawn Tennis and Athletics were their forte’ both in state, national and international levels.

There are loads of information in newspaper and magazine inserts of Noel Rodgers, his siblings and relatives. Noel Rodgers had a business twist of mind at the age of 15 years itself. He began moulding drift wood into animals and reptiles. He safeguards them, even at this point of time. He started a cottage industry approved by the Regional Design and Technical Training Centre, Government of India.

With his technical and artistic background, he pursued his studies in Mechanical Engineering and further registered his firm as a small scale industry for manufacturing wooden toys and artistic furniture. He had an opportunity to design furniture at Sultanate of Oman, as furniture Design Engineer; he worked there for a short while and returned back to India.

He is a life member of Mysore Horticultural Society, Member International Flower Auction Centre. He has taken up major government, defence & private contracts. Some of the prestigious contracts were Kannada Sahitya Sammelana, Public Exhibitions, Elite Clubs, Educational institutions, Dignitaries and Celebrities visiting Bengaluru.

He has executed decor for Industries minister Haji Sait, Home Minister PGR Sindhia, Law Minister Harnalli Ramaswamy, President Abdul Kalam, Saint Mother Theresa, Infosys and the like. Noel Rodgers decided to use his proficiency and talent in his own property, and share his property by way of sale to people of good will, leading to having a good neighbourhood at NOEL’S EXURBIA.

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